Charlotte Raine

Under the effects of Haema and trapped inside his own mind, Liam is forced to obey Evelyn’s commands. At the same time, his pregnant ex-girlfriend is being held captive, and his sister is in jail for assaulting police officers.

To make matters worse, he discovers any paranormal creature that takes Haema will eventually die from it, which is why Sadie has become so ill.

In all of this chaos, it will come down to a battle between Liam and Evelyn. Always one step behind, Liam will have to find a way to beat her in a fight he never wanted to be in.

Books In This Paranormal Vampire Series
Book 1 – Blood Family
Book 2 – Blood Run
Book 3 – Blood Honor
Book 4 – Blood Bound
Book 5 – Blood Oath
Book 6 – Blood Rite